Hellenic Culture Centre. 





The Hellenic Culture Centre, founded in 1995, is one of the first non formal education institutions that offered Greek as a foreign/second language courses. It has an expertise in Language Teacher Training programmes. The aims of the institution are to promote language learning and language teaching and to contribute to adult education and intercultural education methodology. Intercultural awareness and cross-cultural activities are of foremost importance in all types of multicultural classes. It has been involved in different national and EU projects on intercultural education, teacher training, cultural exchange, e-learning. All groups of its learners have a multi-ethnic and multicultural character, as its training seminars were followed by many teachers and adult learners from all over the world. The Hellenic Culture Centre has an extended experience in the field of European projects related to language learning and adult education. Is the partner responsible for the development of the e-learning material for the Greek language in the project GLOSSA (505248-2009-LLP-GR-KA2MP), is participating in the project SUN.COM (511867-LLP-1-2010-1-GR-KA2-KA2MP) regarding the development of online language communities, in the project “Listening to Cultures” regarding the identification of good practices regarding the development of speaking skills in foreign language learning, in the project “Cross Cultural Friends” (2008-1-GB2-GRU06-001246) regarding the promotion of intercultural dialogue and in the project «Foreign Language Trainer for Mother Tongue - a train-the-trainer curriculum (LAMOTO)» (2008-1-AT1-LE004-00079-5), which aims to develop a curriculum in order to train people on how they can teach their mother tongue as a foreign language.


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