WP3: Development of the Manual

WP Coordinator: Lingua Piu’
Start Date: 01/06/2013
End Date: 31/12/2013


- to prepare a manual regarding the transfer of the Montessori method to adult learning and language learning
- to develop a curriculum for teacher training as well as relevant training material


- The manual will include a practical part and a theoretical part
- Theoretical part: a general description of the method and its principles, the specific issues arisen by the transfer of the method to adults and language learning, how the principles of Montessori can be applied in the specific field etc.
- Practical Part: how teachers should define the language needs of the learners, memorization techniques, which principles of the Montessori method can be used, which principles of the Montessori method cannot be used, how they are applicable to adults etc.


- Organisation of the development of the manual by dividing into three different parts
Italian, UK and Romanian parts will be responsible for one part of the manual
- Finalisation of the manual in the framework of the 3rd project meeting by all partners
- Development of the curriculum for the online and offline teacher training
- Development of training material to support these training sessions


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