WP Coordinator: Almond Vocational Link
Start Date: 01/11/2012
End Date: 30/5/2013


- to identify the particular issues that will have to be address in the process of transferring the Montessori method to adult learning and language learning as well as - - to identify the needs of the language teachers regarding that process.


- Identification of the principles and tools of the Montessori method that are applicable to adults and/or language learning
- Identification of how these principles are used or not used
- Identification of how they can be applied in different learning cultures
- Desk Research, Questionnaires, case studies, best practices


- Design a Research and Review Plan (exact research themes, research methodology, possible data sources, questionnaires, number of questionnaires needed, criteria for the identification and evaluation of the best practices, structure of the national reports etc,
- Feedback on the Research and Review plan
- Final version of the Research and Review Plan
- Preparation of National Reports
- Preparation of 1st draft of research report and feedback
- Preparation of the final version of the Research Report





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