Target Groups

1) Language Teachers

- language teachers that are teaching adults or university students
they will learn:
a) how to implement the Montessori method in language learning
b)how to organise the course on the basis of the individual characteristics of each learner
c) how to organise the assessment

-Training of 10-15 language teachers offline in each country (60-90 in the whole consortium)
-Training of 60 language teachers online

2) Teacher Trainers:

- Professionals that are responsible for the training of teachers in new methodologies and updating of the teacher skills
- responsible for training the language teachers in the Montessori method, organise the workshops and the online training
- 10 teacher trainers are going to be involved in the project in the whole consortium

3) Language Learners

- Final Beneficiaries
- each language teacher should implement the method in at least 1 language learner
- 120-150 language learners from all over Europe will be able to test the method during the lifetime of the project

4) Other organisations (100 totally)

- Language learning institutions
- Universities
- European and local education organisations
- public authorities
- educational decision makers
- language experts
- NGOs that teach languages to immigrants or to volunteers or Erasmus students


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