Almond Vocational Link (Wielka Brytania)

Almond Vocational Link (Wielka Brytania)





Almond Vocational Link is a professional company formed as a result of our experience gained from interacting with students from all over the world for more than twenty years. During the last seven years we have been involved with Leonardo da Vinci programmes that deal with mobility for Initial Vocational Training (IVT) and People in the Labour Market (PLM). These programmes facilitate opportunities for participants through language training and practical work experience in their chosen vocation.

The language training is delivered by very experienced and British Accredited Teachers using up to date methodology and interactive approach in order to maximise results.

The teaching includes use of books, visual and audio mediums, news papers, magazines and concentrates on the main four aspects of the language training: Listening, Speaking, Writing, Reading, and outlines also aspects of everyday life: School, work, free time and Hobbies, Health & Safety, TV and Media, Shopping, holidays and more.

Almond continues to have considerable success in our business with the Leonardo da Vinci mobility due to the way in which we adhere to the standards as laid down in the European Commission’s guidelines to adhere to best practice. We have also being successful in our application with other projects under the LLP programmes and have had a Leonardo da Vinci Partnership projects approved as well as success in Co-ordinating,  Grundtvig, VETPRO and many other projects.


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